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Are you where you thought you would be with your business by now? Chances are, your answer is NO.

And…I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that: 

  • You wish your business had more predictable income every month.
  • You’re fed up of the ups and downs and not knowing where the next client or project will come from.
  • More often than not, you find yourself having to discount your products or services ‘cause people simply don’t GET your true value.

I am also pretty sure that you’re feeling like no matter how hard you work, you still feel guilty or behind because you don’t have the time to do half the things you want to do…including marketing yourself properly. 

How do I know that? 

Because, 97% of all small business owners on the planet, feel exactly like you do. 

All of this is caused by ONE MISSING PIVOTAL INGREDIENT!  Implementing that ingredient alone has the power to not only transform your business into an inspiring and reliable one but will also help you create so much value that prospects and clients will want to work with you regardless of price.

If you’ve been working hard to get out of the 97%, but have not quite succeeded yet…this program will blow your socks off!

With Build To Rock, you will finally get crystal clear about who you are, where you are going, what problem you solve, and why your ideal clients should choose you over anyone else; effectively position your brand to deliver a valuable and impactful customer experience; create an outstanding sales process to become and remain extraordinary to avoid elimination; and create a waiting list of clients who can’t wait to work with you!


At LeapZone, we believe that becoming a powerhouse small business owner is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding journeys ever!

Developing business, branding, marketing skills and instincts is of course serious stuff, but it doesn’t have to be boring or worse, eat you alive!

Build To Rock merges the fun with the financials, the bold with the business, and the motivation with the marketing.

Courses To Help You Master The Skills + Mindset You Need To Grow Yourself, Your Brand & Your Biz.

8 Game-Changing Video Modules

To help you get your Brand Foundation in place so you can create the amount of income, impact and inspiration you want in the world…long-term.

By the end of this program, no matter what industry you are in, no matter what the economy does…YOU’LL BE A MASTER at continuously positioning yourself and your brand as The #1 choice (online AND offline) so your ideal clients are compelled to choose YOU over anyone else; regardless of price.


12 Weeks of  Momentum-Generating Coaching

And let me tell ya…getting the coaching you need on the LIVE weekly calls
is worth the program tuition right there!


Double Your Efficiency System

This system will help you organize yourself so you can get more done in less time and actually feel satisfied with what you’ve accomplished at the end of your day.


Done-For-You Resources

To help you get it done faster and demolish the learning curve.
• Over 20 Easy-to-Use Worksheets and Templates
• A Simple and Effective ONE Page Marketing Plan
• An Easy-to-Implement Sales Process Road Map
• 12 Month and 3 Month Strategic Planners
• 12 eMail Templates that will get you more clients and save you hours a day
• A Fail-Proof Proposal & Service Agreement Template to get people to see the value that you provide
• A Service Agreement Template that will position you as a rock star
• Cost-Effective and Innovative Marketing Ideas to get you out of the best-kept secret closet


What will you need?

  • Time - to go through the videos and access your weekly coaching sessions.
  • Desire - to change your business, brand and marketing for the better while making it fun!
  • Guts - to elevate your habits and strengthen your commitment to success.
  • Oh...and some note-taking tools so you can jot down your gems, insights and commitments and there will be plenty. We guarantee you that!