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Brand positioning is as important to the health of a business as a heartbeat is to the human body.

And this is true whether you’re solopreneur, a couplepreneur, a biz owner with a small team, or at the head of a Fortune 500 company. At LeapZone, we truly believe in the importance and value of taking a *time out* to work ON your business rather than IN it. We know that getting away from your everyday, busy environment is key to growing your business. It makes it much more enjoyable, effective, and let’s face it – possible.

That’s why we created Trailblazers Estate.

A magical 5-acre equestrian property on Vancouver Island, designed to help you accelerate your success through transformational branding, business, leadership and personal growth retreats held privately and in small intimate groups.

The objective of a strategic brand positioning retreat at Trailblazers:

To help you get crystal clear about who you are as a brand, what you want to be known for, where you are going, what top of mind problem(s) you solve, who you are built to serve and why prospects should choose you over anyone else; regardless of price. You will also learn how to effectively position your brand to deliver a valuable and impactful customer experience, plus create an outstanding customer journey to become and remain The First, The Best or The Only.

Brutal Fact:

Most people are really good at their craft and/or have products and services that are totally worth buying. However, being a thriving entrepreneur (or business leader) requires a lot more than a great product or service. It requires the ability to balance and master the vital pillars the LeapZone Trifecta: POSITIONING | PERSONALITY | PERFORMANCE

Without that, it is impossible to become and consistently remain The First, the Best or The Only. Yet, when the right offerings are designed and positioned to resolve hot, top of mind problems from a specific target market: growth is inevitable no matter what is happening in the world.

People by solutions to their problems every single day. The question is, will they buy your solution or someone else?

Courses To Help You Master The Skills + Mindset You Need To Grow Yourself, Your Brand & Your Biz.



If you are in the start-up phase of your business:
​The Brand Fearlessly Retreat is a strategic and tactical retreat that will help you set up your brand foundation right the first time - helping you avoid critical mistakes that most business owners fall into in the start-up phase.


If you have an established business:
​The Brand Fearlessly Retreat is ideal if you are feeling stuck and unclear about how to differentiate yourself and grow, without exponentially growing your workload. You will learn what you need to differentiate, innovate, elevate, automate and delegate to become and stay: The First, The Best, or The Only.


What will you need?

  • Time - to invest with us at Trailblazers or as a powerful virtual experience.
  • Desire - to change your business, brand and marketing for the better while making it fun, productive and profitable!
  • Guts - to elevate your habits and strengthen your commitment to success.
  • Oh...and some note-taking tools so you can jot down your gems, insights and commitments and there will be plenty. We guarantee you that!


What is included?

  • Retreat preparation - Assessment, fact-finding, and research
  • In-depth 1:1 guidance from Brand Strategist & Business Growth
    Catalyst, Isabelle Mercier to help you get crystal clear and accelerate
    your growth.
  • Trailblazers Equine Guided Breakthrough Coaching with Margarita
    Romano, to bust what is slowing down your success and tap into
    your true power to accelerate your growth.
  • A BrainWerx™ document capturing all insights and recommendations.
  • Meals and accommodation when on-site.
  • Transportation: Nanaimo Airport or Ferry pick-up & drop-off (if needed).
  • A 60 min. Post Retreat Session with Isabelle for added momentum.
  • A Website Audit to learn Isabelle’s Top 3 Recommendations for
    what can be tweaked, aligned and/or elevated to increase your site’s
    brand personality alignment, engagement level and conversion.